Plain of Jars Sites

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To make the map easier to read, when the map is zoomed out beyond a scale of 1:8000 (approximately street level), the map will show a circle noting how many markers are contained in that area, rather than each individul marker.

To expand the map to a fullscreen view, click on the fullscreen button with an 'X' shaped icon, located in the top right corner of the map (directly below the zoom in and out buttons).

In the bottom-left corner there is a layer control button. Clicking on this will display a menu where you can select different map backgrounds for the map. You can also choose to add map overlays, and to turn off or on the markers for each site.

In the bottom right corner of the map you can see a zoomed out version, to show where the map is located. Clicking on the arrow in the bottom-right corner of this mini-map will minimise it.

In the top-left corner of the map, there is a button with a square ruler icon. Clicking this will allow you to draw a line or shape, and the length and/or area of this will be displayed.

Below this are six options for drawing lines, shapes, or markers onto the map. There are also two buttons for editing and deleting these shapes and markers.
On the right-hand side of the map is an export button, where you can export the shapes you have drawn as a geo-JSON file. (Note, this does not include lines or shapes drawn with the measurement button). Admins can save these exported layers, or any other geo-JSON layer to the map on the create layer page.

Whenever your mouse is on the map, the bottom-left corner of the map will display the location co-ordinates of where your mouse is pointing at.

Citation for 'American Vietnam War Bombing' layer: The National Regulatory Authority for the UXO/Mine Action Sector in the Lao PDR(NRA).