Site 67

Ban Pha Tai: Pha Tai village, Phaxay district. This site was visited and geolocated by Skopal and Bounxayhip in 2020. Site 67 is also known as Ban Pha Tai for the small, nearby village. There are nine jars distributed across two groups. Group 1 features seven jars positioned on a low-lying spur a few meters above the surrounding paddy farmland. Two granite outcrops sit at the base of the group, and there is evidence of quarrying activity with some incomplete jars in situ and some completed buried jars nearby, one of which was excavated in February 2020 by PJARP. Group 2, located 165 m northeast of Group 1, on slightly raised terrain overlooking the surrounding farmland, originally comprised two buried granite jars. The jars were excavated by the landowners in early 2019 as they were constructing a dwelling. One of the jars bears a carving near the rim (180 × 230 mm) depicting an inverted anthropomorphic figure (with the head pointing towards the base of the jar).


Group Jars Discs
Site 67, Group 1 2 0
Site 67, Group 2 7 0


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