Site 64

Phu Buoc Kuong (Nakham Area): Phou Seo village, Phoukoot district. The Xieng Khouang Provincial Government previously noted six jars at Phu Buoc Kuong. This site was revisited and geolocated by Skopal and Bounxayhip in 2020 at which time they recorded 12 sandstone jars, two discs, and multiple sub-spherical stones across two groups situated along a ridge line with views over the surrounding landscape. The jars feature flat and recessed inner rim plus outer rim styles, and one jar, shaped on its exterior, has no cavity. Group 1 features seven jars, a disc, and multiple subspherical stones measuring 500–700 mm in diameter and a measurable height of between 200 and 600 mm, with three of the jars standing and four recumbent. Group 2 features five jars and one disc, which forms what appears to be a quarry, with the jars unfinished and surrounded by a number of stone outcrops.


Group Jars Discs
Site 64, Group 1 7 4
Site 64, Group 2 5 1


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