Site 32

Ban Xiengkieu, San Phou Getlin. According to Van Den Bergh et al. The jar site has two groups and counts 33 sandstone jars. The site is situated on Naluang hill, a lower foothill with flat top. The sparsely forested site is 2 km from Ban Sieng Kieu and a road runs along the site. The site has a single stone lid and few of the jars are in good condition.

This site was visited by Colani who refers to it as Ban Sieng Kieu. She reported approximately 40 jars and three discs (Shewan and O'Reilly 2019:238).

She writes; "the quartzy molasse that the jars are made of disintegrates and crumbles when touched...The dimensions of the stone jars are not large, the tallest (no. 21) standing at 1 metre 70 (fig. 117); and none of the others, with a single exception, measures even 1 metre 50 (two of them are barely one metre long). They are of the rather slimmer type (fig. 118). The few apertures that remain intact are round; inside almost all of them, a little ledge...Only three stone lids (presumed lids) were found, one of which is rather queer (plate XXXII, 2), being a large disc topped in the middle by a small pastille shape. The others were of a type unfamiliar to us, a concave spherical cap (plate XXXII, 3 & 4); its dimensions suggest that it sat on top of a corresponding jar but did not fit inside it; perhaps a wooden stopper was fitted on the little inner ledge."

"In the earth round the jars: ground stone, an axe. Pottery: potsherds, some decorated. Glass: a few beads. Metals: bronze, very sparse traces; iron, numerous knives with tangs; some pieces fitted with sockets, including arrow-heads or blades of short spears (plate LXXV, 5 & 6). Charcoal."


Group Jars Discs
Site 32, Group 1 7 1
Site 32, Group 2 24 1


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