Site 79

Phu Hai Chuong: Lang Jong Village, Phoukoot district The Lao Department of Heritage noted 68 jars at Phu Hai Chuong in the first survey. Skopal and Bounxayhip since that time recorded a further 20 sandstone jars, one disc, and multiple boulders, distributed over two groups positioned on a flat, forested area at the summit of a mountain, with views over the lower landscape obstructed by vegetation.

The jars are in both the standing and recumbent positions, with 31 jars appearing unfinished. The jars feature flat and recessed inner rim styles. Group 1 features 6 jars, with what appears to be three additional jars buried in the recumbent position, although further investigation is required to confirm this. Group 2, located ca. 25 m to the southeast of Group 1, features 82 jars and one disc surrounded by multiple rock outcrops and boulders.



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