Site 95

Phou Soung B (NakhamArea): Phou Seo village, Phoukoot district. This site was visited and geolocated by Skopal and Bounxayhip in 2020. One group of seven sandstone jars, three of which are standing, the remaining four recumbent, and one disc, positioned on a ridge line with views over the surrounding lowlands. The jars have flat and recessed inner rim plus outer rim styles and have relatively narrow cavities in relation to the total diameter of the jars. Eight semi-spherical stones of sandstone ca. 700 mm in diameter and several irregular shaped boulders can also be observed, though it is difficult to determine if the boulders were brought to the area or are naturally occurring. Some of the jars appear to be unfinished and one of the recumbent jars has only been shaped around the exterior and has no cavity.


Group Jars Discs
Site 95, Group 1 7 2


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