Site 44

Phu Namkhun, Sangniac Nongpek. According to Van Den Bergh et al. the site is located on a steep, west-facing slope to the south of Muang Kham (approximately 5 km). The heavily forested site is surrounded on three sides by mountains. It lies in a wooded area with big trees. The site counts 13 sandstone jars. The site comprises of a series of steeply faced excavated bays that consist of very fine-grained sandstone mainly massive. However, there were a number of abandoned unfinished jars that displayed a multitude of failures. These failures include wedge failures, where two discontinuities meet enabling a triangular piece of rock to be released and planar failures, where a slice of rock is released when a weak plane separates from the rock mass. It was also noted that one of the jars had the start of a 100mm diameter hole in what would have become a sidewall.


Group Jars Discs
Site 44, Group 1 4 0
Site 44, Group 2 9 0


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