Site 2

Ban Nakho. Site 2 was originally known as the 'Airfield at Lat Sen' when documented by Madeleine Colani. The site comprises megalithic jars spread over two knolls with a road between them. The road, constructed during the French Administration of Laos has caused slope erosion and displacement of some of the jars. The site had previously been excavated by Colani and Sayavongkhamdy but limited data on these research efforts was published. An inventory of the megaliths at the site was led by Andrew Ball in 2017. The site was selected for excavation by PJARP in 2019 and three units were excavated on the western ridge.


Group Jars Discs
Site 2, Group E 51 7
Site 2, Group W 35 9



103 artefacts


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