Site 25

Ban Songhak. The site is notable due to the presence of military trench works dating to the conflict in the 1960s and '70s.

According to Van Den Bergh et al. Ban Songhak’s jar site is located on undulating hills in close proximity of the current village. The jar site comprises 40 jars in five groups. The main jar group is surrounded by trees. The villagers are afraid to awaken the spirits by cutting the wood or causing disturbance at the jar site and this has resulted in little damage to jars in recent decades. Some damage was sustained during the war and Pathet Lao trenches are located very close to the main jar group. The site has expansive views over the surrounding Phukoot plain including the ancient stupa to the Southwest. The main group contains some andesite jar pre-forms which may have been brought to Songhak from 8 km away. The site was cleared of UXO in 2007.



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